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Developmental Disability Awareness Month 

Because everything we do is related to developmental disabilities, for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month SFCB would like to let you know a little more about who we are and what we do. Every week in March we will be highlighting one of our programs and letting you get to know a few of that program’s participants and staff.

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Residential Services 

St. Francois County Board operates two different types of residential programs, Group Home & ISL services. The group home houses eight individuals, it's fully ADA accessible and staffed 24 hours a day to support the individuals living in the home. SFCB also staffs several ISLs, which stands for Individualized Supported Living. These are personal homes or apartments were two to four individuals live and receive support as their needs dictate.


Mickey has lived in the St. Francois County Group Home for over 20 years and is a long-term employee of Subway. He loves electronics, loud speakers and funny t-shirts.

Steven has been supported with ISL services for over 20 years. He enjoys collectables, eating out and doing crafts.

Service Coordination 

As Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month continues, next we highlight our Service Coordination program. SFCB provides Service Coordination to citizens of St. Francois Co. found to be eligible for developmental services through the MO Depart of Mental Health/Div. of Developmental Disabilities. Our program has eight full time staff aimed at finding and linking individuals living in this county with the appropriate services and supports.


Lynne has worked as a Service Coordinator for the St. Francois County Board for 5 years. Prior to joining the team, Lynne was a Special Education teacher for Special Acres School. She is a proud grandmother of three, soft spoken, kind, and a perfectionist when it comes to her paperwork.

Clay has worked for the St. Francois County Board for 7 years. Prior to joining the Service Coordination team five years ago, Clay worked in the Community Integration and Employment programs. He is originally from Texas, has a great sense of humor (he keeps us all with a smile on our faces), and has a heart for helping his individuals live their best lives.


Barbie is the Records Manager for the Service Coordination program. She has worked for SFCB for four years. She originally worked in the ISL program and has a great rapport with our individuals. She has an eye for detail and can keep all our documentation flowing and filed perfectly! Barbie is a mother, wife, avid gardener and overall fashionista (she always has something super cute on with the most adorable matching jewelry).


Sherry is the Service Coordination Supervisor. She has worked at SFCB for 17 years. She originally worked in direct care in the residential program, then supervised the employment program and upon completion of her Bachelors degree moved to Service Coordination. Sherry finished her MBA in 2015 and loves to get her hands on any of the continued education that the Dept. of Mental Health sends our way. She is a dedicated mother/grandmother and loves any movie with Jason Momoa in it.

Employment Services 

SFCB’s supported employment program, called Journey to Discovery, provides one-on-one guidance and support in finding and retaining gainful employment. Most of our participants have been employed for years in their current jobs and are successful with different levels of staff support.


The Journey to Discovery program assists with all aspects of employment. From career path exploration and the application process, to on-sight support in learning job tasks and co-worker relations, Journey to Discovery staff assist in all areas of the employment process.


Richard has been a past volunteer in our local community and currently is a long-term employee in the St. Francois County Board custodial department. Richard is a dedicated employee who is always willing to lead a hand in helping to keep our building clean and looking nice. Richard is an avid Lego builder and collector, who enjoys gaming, as well as traveling.


Ben has been in our supportive employment program for several years now, working at Save A Lot. During his shift, he covers many duties from: parking lot maintenance, custodial, and stocking shelves. His coworkers highly appreciate his hard work, great in all he does, and always on time. While he isn’t working, he volunteers with Meals On Wheels Program, where he brightens our local seniors days. He also enjoys various types of online gaming and building Lego models.

On-Site Day Program

This week of Developmental Disabilities Month, we'd like to brag on our On-Site Day Program. St Francois County Board's On-Site Program is a group setting aimed at actively teaching individuals life skills that will increase their independence. This program works on money skills, literacy, cooking and nutrition, healthy lifestyles, home care skills like laundry and dishes, hygiene skills, interpersonal skills, and so much more. This program runs Monday through Friday and transportation is available when needed. 


Just some of the things done while attending our On Site Day Program. Easter Art &  Crafts focuses on self expression, motor skills of tracing, cutting, and gluing. Enjoying the weather walking the track for exercise and socialization. 

Just a few more things worked on  while attending our On-Site Day Program. Daily Living Skills: Sweeping, Laundry - loading/unloading machines and folding, gathering trash, and using microwave to heat up lunch. 

Just for fun, we celebrate National Holidays, yesterday (3/24) was Chocolate Covered Raisins Day. The group learned the process of chocolate making, how raisins are dried, and how chocolate covered raisins are made. Then they got to taste 2 flavors: Milk and Dark Chocolate, both were a hit!

Community Integration Program

This week’s Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Spotlight is on our CI, or Community Integration program. SFCB has been running the Community Integration program since the 1990s. This program is aimed at teaching and modeling skills, while allowing individuals access to their community that they might not otherwise have. This service works on skills like appropriate social/peer interactions, exploration of new activities & choice, purchases & money exchange, safety skills in the community, involvement in community groups and so much more.

Linsey has been participating in CI services for about 5 years. She loves her cat Dexter, swimming, watching cheerleaders in action and the Wizard of Oz. We can always count on her to lighten our days with her sunny disposition, as she if often humming a cheerful tune.

Linsey has been participating in CI services for about 5 years. She loves her cat Dexter, swimming, watching cheerleaders in action and the Wizard of Oz. We can always count on her to lighten our days with her sunny disposition, as she if often humming a cheerful tune.

Thank You 

Thank you for checking out our page to see some of the “highlights” of who we are and what we do during March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. We hope these posts have given you a glimpse into our lives and broadened your awareness of services in this community. If you would like more information on our services, or possibly other available services in this county, for the developmentally disabled, please don’t hesitate to message us or call our office, (573)756-0595.

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