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General Donations

General Donations can include monetary donations, personal property or retail surplus. All gifts are tax deductible and a donation letter is available upon request by contacting the St. Francois County Board office at 573-756-0595 or emailing If goods or services are provided in exchange for a gift, the fair market value is deducted and the remainder can be claimed on your taxes.
Cash donations will be used for various consumer program in St. Francois County that are provided at not charge to the individual. Examples of these are: refilling of the St. Francois County Board food pantry, extension of Special Olympic activities to additional consumers in St. Francois County, etc.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a lasting family tribute to a family member or loved one that has forever left us with fond memories. We have several options for memorial gifts through our memory trail and would be glad to assist you in choosing an appropriate commemoration in the memory of your loved one.

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