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Service Coordination

St. Francois County Board for the Developmentally Disabled is partnered with Rolla Satellite Office and Missouri Department of Mental Health to provide Service Coordination and developmental services for the St. Francois County area. Service Coordination is responsible for ensuring the individuals receiving support have access and the receiving of services that meet their individual needs. We will work with the individual and their family/responsible party to identify specific needs, goals, and to develop a plan to access any and all available resources to meet those goals. Service Coordination supports are provided through yearly face to face meetings, quarterly contacts, school advocacy, or accessing funded services through various funding sources. Our Service Coordinators will formulate the Personal Plan, informing the consumer of available services and linking the individual and their family/responsible party by encouraging them to exercise their rights and make their voice heard for improvements or change.

For more information, any questions, or to contact your Service Coordinator, please call at (573) 747-1596

Meet the Team

Susan Canterberry, Service Coordination Supervisor | ext. 106

April Faulkner, Service Coordinator | ext. 107

Lynette Hallock, Service Coordinator | ext. 108

Holly Baranovic, Service Coordinator | ext. 109

Barbie Mayberry,  Records Manager | ext. 110

Kaitlin Smith, Service Coordination Specialist | ext. 102

Lynne Cunningham, Service Coordinator | ext. 105

Debra Reed, Service Coordinator | ext. 103

Susannah Koester, Service Coordinator | ext. 104

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