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Employee Relations Committe 

100% of the Proceeds go towards programs provided to the Developmentally Disabled of St. Francois County such as: Special Olympic Events, Seasonal Holiday Parties, Socialization Events, Food Pantry, Back to School Backpacks, and so much more.
  • Cardinal Bird Feeder
    • Donated by: Fredi Holbert - REMAX Realty 
    • April 17 - May 10
    • Tickets: $1/Raffle or $5/6 Raffles​ 
  • One Free Piercing ​($40 or less)
    • Donated by:​ Artisan Ink
    • April 17 - April 30
    • Tickets: $1/Raffle or $5/6 Raffles
  • Penny Wars​
    • Date to Date​
    • Participants:
    • Notes:
      • Whoever gets the most amount gets to win a pie in the face. ​​
      • Drop pennies in whoever you wish jar, and hope they win.
      • Any coins or dollars will take away the amount it equals of pennies.
If you are interested in more fundraisers, check out our page: Current Fundraiser & Employee Relations Commitee
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